Email Approval


EzzyBills has two email approval options for you:


Fixed Approver(s) – up to 2 people Variable Approvers
If one person in your company approves all invoices, or

one person to approve all invoices first; second person to approve it again,

Setup a default approval email in the Users Settings

Once for all

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If variable people in your company are to approve invoices,

select invoices in “View” and choose an email address to email.

Past approval email addresses will be kept in a list for easy use

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Buttons in Email Approval: 


Approve: to approve.

The invoice will be then exported to your accounting package.

Reject: to reject.

The workflow ends. The invoice will not be exported to your accounting package.

Not for Me: to change approver.

Allow you to suggest another approver email and EzzyBills will email the new approver; or put the invoice back to the EzzyBills workflow to wait for be assigned to another approver.

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Add Note” or “Modify“:¬†Modify Invoice Data during Email Approval, including

  • modify invoice headers, or
  • add note, or
  • add additional attachment such as delivery docket, or
  • click “not for me”.

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