Set up EzzyBills Approval Workflow for 3rd and 4th Level

If you use 1-level or 2-level EzzyBills Approval, you can choose to do so in Settings. For the 3rd and 4th level approval, you will need to set up directly in EzzyBills “Workflow”, following steps below. 

Step-by-step guide to set up 3rd or 4th level EzzyBills Approval Workflow

  1. Login to EzzyBills.
  2. Click Settings and enable two-level approval workflow. Click Save.  
  3. In navigation bar, click Workflow. Verify both level-1 and level-2 approval tasks are in the active workflow.
  4. click New.

4. Click Choose a Workflow to Copy – choose the active workflow (which has two-level approval already),  and click Create.

5. Select the new workflow that has just been created (which is named as “workflow#”, where # is the highest auto number you can find). Rename it by click “Edit” if you wish. Make sure to select this workflow again so that you will be editing the correct workflow. If you want this to be your active workflow, click “Switch to this workflow“.

6. In the dropdown box for “Choose a Task” , enter “Submit Approval3” and select it,  And the blue task box for this will appear in the editing area.  Repeat the same thing but for level 4 if you need 4th level approval as well. 

Note: two workflow tasks are required for each-level of approval. “Submit Approval3” and “Approved3” for the 4th level of approval.  “Submit Approval4” and “Approved4” for the 4th level of approval.

7. Connect the workflow tasks by,

  1. Delete the connecting arrow from “Approved2″ to “Xero export” and click the center dot of Approved2 and drag it at the center of Submit Approval3.
  2. Drag the center dot of Submit Approval3 to center of Approved3.
  3. Drag the center dot of Approved3 to center of Xero export.
  4. Click Save to apply your changes.

      Note: Do the steps above for “Submit Approval4” and “Approved4” for the 4th level of approval.

7. Repeat steps 5 to 6.

Note: Please use “Submit Approval4” and “Approved4” for the 4th level of approval.

(Screenshot: below is the workflow after adding the Submit Approval Level 3 and 4 with the pre-existing Submit Approval Level 1 and 2).