Direct Approval – while logged in EzzyBills


1. Firstly, login, click Settings, click to enable the “Enable Approval Workflow”  and “Save Setting”.  Change User Settings in EzzyBills

With this all invoices will wait for your approval before being exported to your accounting software.


2. (After processing some invoices, you want to approve/reject them) Click the “Search/Approve” top menu. Then click “Waiting for Approval” tab. You will see all invoices waiting to be approved.

Select one or multiple invoices (tick the box on the right side), and then click Approve or Reject on the blue action bar.


You can click the approve link beside the tick box to modify the invoice summary (header) data.

Here you can modify invoice header data, account code, tracking data, add an note, or add additional file. Then click the button Approve the invoice.