Direct Approval – while logged in EzzyBills


1. Firstly, tick the “Enable Approval Workflow” user setting and “Save”.  Change User Settings in EzzyBills

With this all invoices will wait for your approval before being exported to Xero/MYOB.



2. Click the “View/Approve Invoices” link to open a separate “View” window




3. In the “View” window (that opens automatically) 

  • right mouse click invoices that you want to Approve, then
  • click “Approve”.
  • Alternatively, if you want to Reject the invoice click “Reject”


To see only invoices waiting for approval, Click “Ordered” and Select ‘Awaiting Approval’ from the list, then click “Search” or “Refresh”).

After approval, invoices will automatically get exported to Xero/MYOB.

Rarely, if the supplier is not correct while the invoice is waiting for approval, you can do the followings  

(more on this, see featured articles in our Newsletters Best Practice of the Month: Get Supplier Right  and Revisit: Best Practice to Get Supplier Right)

  • add ABN/GST/VAT number to the supplier details in Xero/MYOB
  • (if a wrong supplier was chosen) make sure this wrong supplier does not have wrong ABN/GST/VAT number in Xero/MYOB
  • (if your own company was chosen) make sure you add My ABN/GST to your EzzyBills users settings, click SAVE and click “Refresh GL”
  • Lastly, in View/Approval, select the invoice, and then click “Re-process”.