Set up Approval by Department

In this use case, each department in the Business will have an approver, who approves all the invoices that flows through their department.

For the admin:

How to set up department approval in EzzyBills?

  1. Go to your EzzyBills settings and click the “Approval & Expenses” tab at the top.
  2. In the “List of Users/Approvers” table you can set up approvers for each department (see below for example screenshot)
    • The “Approver Email” would be the department head who approves all expenses for a specific department (eg. Finance department).
    • Ensure you click “save changes” just under the table. Once saved, EzzyBills will generate a unique “Upload Email” for each department.

Please note that in the table above, only one approver per department is listed. If more than one person is required to approve, such as the CEO needs to approve if the amount is over $5000, you can “Enable Approval Workflow” in the Settings to add additional level of approval. Find out more

For employee:

For employees,  to upload invoices & receipts, they can either

  • forward the invoice/receipt to EzzyBills “Upload Email” that is generated in the table above.
  • use the EzzyBills Mobile App (see below for more details) to scan paper invoices or receipts

How to use the EzzyBills Mobile App to scan receipts?

  1. Click the “Gear Box” – add Alias Name, which is the “Name” field in the List of Approvers table in EzzyBills Settings, for that department (eg. Finance)
  2. (back on the main page) click “Scan Now” to scan receipts using EzzyBills App.
  3. This will send the invoice to be approved by the department head (listed in the “Approver Email”)

Approval by department managers

The manager of a department, whose email address is specified in EzzyBills, will receive an email to approve expenses. A sample email is provided below: