When using EzzyBills Approval Process, your invoices will wait for your approval after EzzyBills extracts the data. After your approval, they will be then exported to your accounting package.

How to enable approval workflow

You will have the option to choose one-level or two-level (2-people) approval process.

Two types of approval processes: 

Option 1: Direct Approval

Option 2: Email Approval 

Modify Invoice Data during Email Approval:

You can modify invoice header data (supplier, invoice number, total and tax), or add note, during email approval. Basically the approval email received will contain a button for “Add Note”, and a button for “Modify”.

The “Add Note” button will allow you to add note. The “Modify” button will allow you to modify invoice header and add notes.



1) you can select supplier from a drop-down list, or add a new supplier

2) the note you add will be stored in the EzzyBills “log” for this invoice.

3) for security reason, after an action button is clicked by the approver, the button in the email system will cease to work.