EzzyBills API – Sample Applications

The following link contains a client program written in c# which uploads an invoice to EzzyBills, then waits for the workflow to complete. The invoice data is then printed out.


For example, the API call,

InvoiceBlocksSS ib = client.getInvoiceHeaderBlocks(invoice_id);

will return all invoice header data (total amount, tax, invoice date etc), as well as the Invoice table if it exists.

To use it,
• Goto the www.ezzybills.com and click on Free Trial, then create a Trial account (use this username/pwd when running the program).
• You may choose xero as the accounting package to link to (go to https://www.xero.com/au/signup/ to setup a Xero trial account).
• If you just want to extract the Invoice data (without exporting to an accounting system), then contact us and we will change your workflow.

Before you execute the program you will need to add the API key (which we will email you) to app.config file.

 <endpoint address="https://app.ezzydoc.com/EzzyService.svc" binding="customBinding"
 bindingConfiguration="CustomBinding_EzzyService" contract="EzzyServiceReference.EzzyService"
         <APIKey>add key here</APIKey>


We also have a sample program which allows you to upload your vendor and purchase order data directly into EzzyBills. This information will be used when extracting the purchase order information off the invoice and when identifying the vendor.

This is unnecessary when you use Ezzybills to inegrate with xero, Quickbooks or MYOB , however if you want to integrate with an ERP system which EzzyBills does not support then you should periodically load this information into you EzzyBills account.



for example,

 var csv = new CsvReader(new StreamReader(@"C:\ path to \PURCHASE_ORDERS.csv"));
 var poList = csv.GetRecords<PONumbers>();

 var csv2 = new CsvReader(new StreamReader(@"C:\ path to \VENDOR_DETAILS.csv"));
 var vendorList = csv2.GetRecords<Vendors>();

 int rc = client.Login(user, pwd); // rc==1 indicates success

 //upload PPO info.
 client.addPurchaseOrders(po.ToArray(), exporttarget.XERO);
 //now lets upload the supplier info.
 client.addContacts(ven.ToArray(), exporttarget.XERO);