API – Download Invoices to Excel

Use this program to download your invoice data from EzzyBills, and save it to an Excel file on your computer.

The Excel file will contain two worksheets: Summary and Invoices.





To download the program,  click the link below:



Follow the instruction below to use it:

  • Go the folder that contains the zip file on your computer, and unzip it (If on Windows Explorer: mouse over the zip file, right mouse click, and Extract All).

(After extraction, you will find the files on the screenshot below.)

  • Email support@ezzydoc.com, for an API key for this program. And edit the file “EzzyClientExcel.exe.config”, to the put the key in between <APIKey> and </APIKey>. Save.

<APIKey>put your key here</APIKey


  • Run in a command line program from the folder containing the upzipped files.

(On Windows Explorer,

1. Go to the folder containing the unzipped files;

2. type cmd in the folder structure area, and hit “enter” key on your keyboard.

3. A new command line window will open up.

4. Type in the command below and then “enter” key, to run the program.

    Example 1:

EzzyClientToExcel user_name password -num 10 

(retrieve 10 most recent invoices from EzzyBills. No deletion from EzzyBills.)



1) case sensitive

2)Replace the user_name and password with yours; replace 10 with the number of most recent invoices you want to retrieve from EzzyBills.

3)When the program is finished, you will find a file called “invoices_data.xlsx”.

        4)If you type only “EzzyClientToExcel” in the command line. It will tell you the other usage options.

  Other examples:

EzzyClientToExcel user_name password    (retrieve 10 most recent invoices form EzzyBills, and no deletion from EzzyBills.)

EzzyClientToExcel user_name password -num 25 -del Y   (retrieve 25 most recent invoices from EzzyBills, and delete them in EzzyBills afterwards)

EzzyClientToExcel user_name password -num 0 -del Y   (retrieve all invoices form EzzyBills, and delete them in EzzyBills afterwards)

4. In the same folder, after the run finish, find the Excel file invoices_data.xlxs and click to open.

When you run again, make sure to save the existing excel file to a different name. Otherwise, it will be overwritten.