Employee Expense Claim to QuickBooks Online

12 June, 2019

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Li Fitzmaurice

Use EzzyBills Phone App for Expense Claim to QuickBooks

In this example, the employee’s name is Jeff Martin.

1.(You) Set up your employee as a supplier in QuickBooks Online (Expense -> Supplier -> New Supplier)         tips: one single word, such as jeffm, no space

2.(You) Login to EzzyBills web portal, click Settings and add employee in the List of Approvers, click Save Changes. You will see a new email address for Jeff Martin to email his expense claim. This is a unique email address, only for Jeff, not other employee. The Name you added is “JeffM”, this is the alias, to be used in EzzyBills Phone App, or for Jeff to email expense claims.

Also,  screenshot the Mobile QR code under the List of Approvers table,  and email the screenshot to your employee (eg. Jeff Martin).

4.(Employee, eg. Jeff Martin ) Download EzzyBills Phone App (Android or iPhone), install and run. Login with the QR code sent to Jeff in step 3.  Edit the Settings, put “jeffm” as the alias

5. (Employee) use EzzyBills Phone App to scan receipts on the go (one by one)

6. (You) After Jeff told you he did the expense claim, you login QuickBooks, go to Expense > Supplier and find jeffm. You will see all the outstanding receipts to be paid to him. Review each receipt and bill created, modify if required. Select all the outstanding bills and record payment.

7. Pay this employee the amount as recorded in step 5.

8. (when the bank feed come through), you will see a match, click it to finish.

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