Technologies are here to help business innovate

I was reading an article on the Accountants Daily. It was about the speech O’Connells OBM director Adam Dierselhuis gave on innovation at a recent Accountants Daily award night. I could connect to many things he said through my own experiences, in particular:

“You don’t have to be revolutionary or world changing to be innovative and to create new opportunities. As in our own experience – innovation really is about incremental changes and shifts in the way we work – and it starts with simply asking the question – is there a smarter way?”

One way to innovate is to follow the lead innovators in your industry. It may not be revolutionary or world changing, but it can be very effective at future proofing your business.   A plethora of technologies are out there to help business to be efficient and deliver more values to yourselves and your clients. Why not use these technologies to drive the changes in your business!

One hurdle for many of us is to think that it shall be hard to take on something new and difficult. As one of the provider of technologies, EzzyBills for invoice processing, we can sincerely say that our technological solution has very simple user interfaces – very easy for you to use. You do not need any technical background to use our service. We have gone a long way to achieve this: being simple and smart at the same time.

But behind the scene, serious artificial intelligence and machine learning may be used. These days, some technologies can be incredibly smart to make some business processes super efficient and streamline.

The only way to get comfortable with technologies is to use them. The more you use them, the more comfortable you will feel, and eventually they are just like a hammer – to pick it up from anywhere and use it.

Truly, in the space of accounting, technologies are already here to help business to innovate!

As there are many technologies out there – each has different levels of sophistication behind the scenes, you may have to be choosy. This may be the hardest part for you when taking up technologies. You may have to test out those you have heard about or being recommended to you, and then find the solutions that work the best for you and your clients.

In the end, you would like to have key technologies that can make your core business efficient. So before you look for a technology to help, you can “Take the time to sit with your team, understand what’s really happening in your engine room, what processes and systems are driving your team crazy” (said Mr Dierselhuis), so that you will know

  • where your business spends a lot of time and resources,
  • whether these tasks are repetitive in nature and whether they can be automated with technologies out in the market place

With your firm more efficient, you will have time to “deliver more values to yourselves and your clients”. Again, technologies are out there to make this process easier.

For numerous times, our clients told us how EzzyBills have saved time for them. Two remarks are most striking and we would like to share with you: “EzzyBills saves me 8 hours a day”, and “I have only processed several invoices, but EzzyBills have already saved hours for me”.

Posted by Li Fitzmaurice, EzzyBills Marketing Manager

(EzzyBills – 100% automatic invoice data entry – integrate with Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB)




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